Karina In Action

Karina Mantolino styles a L’Oreal client and showcases her talents.


  1. harold


    what’s the pricelist for men’s haircut? thanks!

  2. kianne estefa

    Hi. what’s the price range of haircut done by ms karina?

  3. Hi,

    Can you please send me the price list for your services? I’d like to have my hair styled or treated next week. Also, how much would it cost for ms karina to style/cut my hair?


  4. Hi,

    Ive read good reviews about the quality of your services.
    I would like to have my hair cut & colored, OMBRE perhaps. My hair’s length is below shoulder. Hair coloring is what I usually do to my hair. May I know the price for your cut & color package?

    I would like to set an appointment next week.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hello,
      Our haircuts start at 500. For Ombr? hair it depends on how light at the tips you want to go. Please drop by any of our branches (Makati, Alabang, and Ortigas) for a consultation. Hope to see you soon!

      • michelle

        is Ms. Karina available in Alabang? thanks

        • admin

          Yes, every Monday she is in Regine’s Alabang. Please call 8072217 or 8424877 for an appointment.

  5. michelle

    is Ms. Karina available in Alabang? thanks

  6. hi,

    how much is your cold wonder wave? hair shoulder level. Thanks.

    • Hello! It’s around 2k 🙂

      • hi! i saw ur promo in deal grocer bout the steam bond pus cellophane but its’ just in ortigas, have you got the same promo in albang or mkati. m y hair really damaged, color treated and
        gone through a fake brazilian blowout 3 months ago . thanks

        • admin

          Hello Ma’am! We here at Regine’s salon would like to tell you about our most awaited Mid-Year Promo! This package includes our signature Regine’s Steambond which gives you that permanent wash-and-wear hair you’ve always wanted including clear cellophane for your hair’s ultimate shine and introducing L’oreal’s latest innovation Protein Booster, which restores your hair’s elasticity to give your hair volume for that “natural” look. These 3 amazing services will all be done in one day & will cost you a very affordable P5500 only. Promo period is from May 1-31 See you soon! #modernelegance

  7. What’s Karina’s schedule for the Makati branch?

  8. How much is a hair up style , eye makeup application only and full makeup?

  9. noemi fortich

    I would like to have my hair cut & colored with highlight & lowlight. May I know the price for your cut and color package my hair is below shoulder length DO YOUR HAVE A PROMO THS QUARTER?

    • admin

      Hello, a haircut with our senior stylist is 500 pesos. A full color will cost around 3,700 and highlights and lowlights will cost around 3k 🙂 hope to see you soon!

  10. Jp cox

    Hi! May I ask if Karina knows how to cut textured/curly hair? Thank you.

    • admin

      Yes she does 🙂 cutting curly hair is one of her specialties.

      • Nette

        Hi, how much do u charge for Keratin treatment (Brazilian blowout) not sure abt the term u use… My hair is just above the shoulder

        • admin

          Hi Nette! We charge around 5k for that length. But we have a promo now (only until March 31, 2015), any hair length for only 3,250 🙂

      • Jeia

        Hi, saan branch si Ms. Karina today?

  11. Monet Valles

    hi po. i plan to have a major haircut (from long hair to short hair). But I’m not sure what fits me (according to my hair texture, face shape, etc.,) although I have some pictures. Can Ms. Karina help me with that? Is she available this Monday, Mar 30 at your Ortigas Branch? How much po if she will do my hair? Just want to have a new look for my 45th birthday. =)
    Thanks so much

    • admin

      Hi Monet! Ms. Karina is in the Ortigas branch every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Yes she can give you advice on what’s the best haircut for you that will be easy to manage. Hope to see you soon! Please give us a call to set your appointment.

  12. Hi. Just read from here that haircut done by Ms. Karina is at P800. That was in 2013. Is it still the same? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Nina! Yes that is Ms. Karina’s old haircut rate. The current rate now is 1000 🙂

  13. maria

    How much is a haircut if not ms Karina in the makati branch?

  14. Hi! How much for permanent color (majirel) – medium length? When will Karina be in the Makati branch? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hello! It depends on how many tubes will be used on your hair. It’s 1,850 per tube. She is in Makati branch every Wednesday and Friday. Hope to see you soon!

  15. Rose Ann Pulido

    Hello! I would like to cut my hair short (chin level), and then colored. How much would it cost? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Ma’am! Haircut with our senior stylist is 500 and the color would depend on how many color tubes we will use on your hair. 1 tube is 1,850

  16. Pauline

    Hi, how much is a hair and makeup package?

    • Hello! It’s 1,550 🙂

    • Hello! Our service menu is very technical, please call or drop by the nearest Regine’s Salon for a free consultation. Thank you!

  17. Zoey Gonzales

    can you please send me the price list for your services? 🙂

  18. Cristina

    How many days ahead of time to setup an appointment with Karina?

  19. Hi

    I love rica peralejos hair now. Shoulder length hair in greyombre.. How much will everything will cost?

    • Hi Ma’am! It depends on how dark your hair is now, to cleanse your color is 750 per application, so it depends how fast your hair will lighten. It usually takes 3-5 applications. Then it’s 1,850 per color tube. Full color is about 2-3 tubes 🙂

  20. Mariel

    Good day! Ask ko lang how much ang hair relax and haircut c/o Ms. Karina? And every kailan siya nasa Makati branch? Open kayo sa Nov 16-20(APEC summit)?

    • Hello! Ms. Karina is in Makati branch every Wednesday and Friday. Her haircut is 1,000 pesos. Please call a week in advance for your appointment. Thank you!

  21. dane cipriano

    Hi! i want to avail xtenso rebond, haircolor and haircut with you guys… how much will it cost me ? thank you!

    • dane cipriano

      follow up question is Ms. Karina available in Alabang? if not when ? thank you

      • Hello! Yes she is in Regine’s Alabang every Monday. Please call a week in advance for an appointment. Many thanks!

    • Hello! Please call Regine’s Ortigas at 6313291 or 6313292 for our Steambond promo. Also our haircut is 500 pesos and color depends on how many tubes we will need to use on your hair. Each color tube costs 1,850 🙂

  22. tintin

    Good day.

    I saw your promo in Deal Grocer — L’Or?al X-Tenso? Steambond & Cellophane Treatment (Ortigas). I wanted to buy a coupon but I saw from your terms that it is not advisable for pregnant and/or lactating women. (I’m exclusively breastfeeding for 9 months). May I know the reason why.

    Is there other hair maintenance/treatment which I can avail? I’m dying to find a way on how to deal with my dry and unruly hair.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hello! There are still some Ob gynes that are conservative so we always advice our clients to get a go signal from them first. But, recently our creative director gave a talk in St. Lukes about the lates hair trends for mommies and soon to be mommies and the doctors there said that coloring and Steambond is ok already. But to be safe better to ask your on Gyne first since she/he knows your medical history better. Please drop by any Regine’s Salon branch for a free consulation for our other hair treatments available that will address the dryness of your hair 🙂

  23. Kaiza Rivea

    Hi! Good eve’! I had my rebond six months ago, ano kaya ang pwede kong gawin sa hair ko base on your services? Kasi nag start na sya mag dry and how much will it cost? Thank you

    • Hello! If it’s been six months already, you can have your Steambond done again. The promo is back in Regine’s Ortigas, 4,500 for any length and thickness. But better if you drop by the salon for a free consulation so that we can assess your hair and recommend the best treatment for your hair. You can either do a fusiodose treatment or even keratin. See you soon!

  24. Laura Montana

    Hi! How much is the lowest price for a haircut? Do you have a junior stylist?

  25. HI. I wanted to have my hair cut short. its kinda wavy and dry. I have my hair treatment 2 years ago (rebond) and it made my hair very thin. May i know your alabang tel no for appointment. Also may i know until what time do you accept customers?

    • admin

      Hello, Regine’s Alabng contact numbers are 8072217 and 8424877. Open from 9am-8pm (Monday-Saturday) and 10am-8pm (Sunday)

  26. Lizzette

    Can you please advise how much is the cost of keratin treatment (medium length) with hair cut and hair color?
    I also want my facial done. How much will be the cost and how long will it take time for these services?

    • admin

      Hello, your keratin will also depend on your hair thickness. Please drop by the nearest Regine’s Salon for a free consultation 🙂

  27. Hi! I am planning to have a digiperm on Jan 15. How many days will I be able to have a hair slicing color technique just like Kathryn Bernardo’s L?Or?al Majirel 6.35 with golden highlights? Thanks in advance!

  28. Melissa Pazcoguin

    Hi! Just wanted to inquire about the cost for coloring services? I have fine hair that just falls until my shoulderblades. Looking to use Inoa. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hello! It depends on how many INOA tubes we will use. It can range from 2,550-3,400. Please drop by for a free consultation 🙂

  29. Hi!

    Aside from Ms. Karina, who else is good in cutting thich wavy-curly hair? I want a short haircut if possible with my hair texture. It’s buhaghag. Also may I know the sched of the stylist? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hello! All our senior stylists are trained to cut your type of hair. Please drop by the nearest Regine’s Salon branch for a free consultation 🙂

  30. Hi. How much is your haircut and hair color for armpit lenght hair? Thanks

    • admin

      Haircut with our senior stylist is 500 and 450 with our junior stylist. Color will depend on how many tubes we will use. Please drop by for a free consulation :-)”

  31. Hi, saw a feature of Karen?s Fluid Painting Treatment in BeautyMnl. Do you have bold colors like Violet for this hair color process too? What’s the price range for a very thin over the shoulder hair length? Last hair color & bleach was over a year ago. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    • admin

      Hello! Yes we have blue, violet, red, and green in Regine’s

  32. Maan

    Hi! Just got may rebond and cellophane a week ago. But my hair got worse, it become dry. Would like to have treatment and haircut. What treatment is suitable for my super dry hair? Price range please.

    • admin

      Hello! We have fusio dose and keratin treatments that will help repair your hair. Please drop by the nearest Regine’s Salon branch for a free consulation. We will need to see your hair in order to recommend the best treatment for your hair. See you soon!

  33. Hello 🙂 How much is it for the fluid hair painting by Karina?

    • admin

      Hello! Fluid Painting is 4,500 then there will be an additional charge if your hair will need a toner after

  34. Grace

    How much is your loreal hair color?

    • admin

      Hello, we charge per color tube, but we have a promo now, 2,680 for majirel full color, cut with senior stylist, and hairspa treatment. Please drop by the nearest Regine’s Salon. Promo is only until supplies last 🙂

  35. Gianina

    Hi. How muchave rate ni ms kanina at ng senior stylist nyo Makati branch

    • admin

      Hello, haircut of Ms. Karina is 1,000 and senior stylist is 500

  36. Chloe

    How much po for Balayage on medium length hair 🙂

  37. Jona

    Hi! How much for hair color? With and without treatment? My hair is elbow length. And a bit thick. Do you have a promo? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hello, we have a cut, color and hairspa promo now on Deal Grocer, 2,680 for any length and thickness

  38. Jennee Gale

    Hi Regine’s Salon, I saw a promo in deal grocer, the Pro-Collagen Keratin treatment and the L’oreal full majirel color,cut and spa (2900 and 2680), question, can I buy both and use it at the same time?

  39. hi i saw your deal grocer promo for pro collagen keratin treatment and l’oreal full majirel color, can i avail of that promo and have it done in alabang? thanks

  40. hi i saw your deal grocer promo but it’s in makati and ortigas only, can i have it done in alabang? thanks

  41. I’d like to ask how long will the X-Tenso Steambond last? Will it wear out as long as a regular rebond treatment, say max of 6 months? Thanks! 🙂

  42. Hello. I’d like to know if it is safe to have pro-collagen keratin treatment even if I have a thin hair? Thanks!

  43. Marcaela

    Hi! How much po for Balayage or a hair color like Sarah lahbati? For hair length bra strap or mid back. Thank you! Hope to hear from you!

  44. Hi! How much hair color if INOA is used? Thank you

  45. Hi, I’d like to ask if you are accepting walk-ins for hair treatments in Alabang (keratin etc) or I need to schedule for an appointment? Thanks!

    • Hello! We do accept walk-ins but it would be better to set an appointment so that you are guaranteed a slot

  46. Carmina Reyes Romero

    What is cold wave? How much is keratin blowout for hair that reaches only shoulder blades?

    • Hello! cold wave is a traditional perm technique, where we don’t use the machine. Results are tighter curls compared to loose waves of a digital perm. Our Pro-Collagen Keratin treatment is 2,900

  47. Sarah Tim

    How much are your hair and makeup packages? And what time does your store open in your Makati Branch?

    • Hello! Our hair and makeup package is 1,550 and Regine’s Makati is open Mondays-Saturdays from 9am-8pm and on Sundays 10am-8pm 🙂

  48. How much is the haircut and haircolor if Ms. Karina would do it? :)) Then, may additional fee for face shape analysis? 🙂

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